Our Learning Vitamins Drills
are available in hard-copy print, accompanied by our very own invention — the SuperSlate!™ 

You can take the SuperSlate anywhere,
and use your drill sheets again and again!

 Here’s how it works... 

We offer the SuperSlates accompanied by the hard-copy masters of the drills contained in CalcuLadder units 1-6. Addtionally, we offer the MasterPak 1 (masters of CalcuLadders 1-3 and ReadyWriter) and MasterPak 2 (masters of CalcuLadders 4-6 and AlphaBetter). For a limited time, we're also including an additional FREE "scratch and dent" SuperSlate along with your MasterPak (which already includes a "perfect" slate), so you'll get two slates in each MasterPak, instead of just one!  Also, when you order a MasterPak, we will include a 2oz. tube of petroleum jelly as our gift to you, for use in cleaning the slate's overlays!

Bonus - with every pre-printed book you order, we'll also email you the pdf file of that book, so you can print out additional copies for your family free of charge! This is an incredible added value!

We strongly recommend that you order a SuperSlate for each child using the drills. For example, if you order a MasterPak 1, which includes one regular "perfect" slate (and, for a limited time, a FREE, complimentary slightly-scratched slate), but plan to use it with 3 children, then order an additional slate to go along with it.

The SuperSlates are hand-crafted in the USA. Three transparent plastic overlays are included with each SuperSlate drill masters package. Additional packets of overlays can be purchased separately on our order page as well.

Note: we ship our printed drills and slates to U.S. addresses only.  To have our printed drills with SuperSlates shipped internationally, please order them through Rainbow Resource Center.

We also have a limited supply of overstock slates that are slightly scratched, so we have reduced their price for quick sale! You can find them on our order page listed as "Reduced Price Slates."

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